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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Web Apprentice - Tutorials on Web Technologies

The range of web technologies that are available to web designers and developers is just incredible right now - from maps and graphs to translation and speech recognition.

Many of these are easy to incorporate into your sites but getting started can be confusing. There are examples and tutorials that are obsolete or needlessly complex - I've written some of them myself !

I want to help people get up and running with simple examples that they can use in their work today.

So I have created Web Apprentice (http://apprentice.craic.com) - a site that contains clear, straightforward tutorials on web technologies across the spectrum.

Tutorials range from simple embedding of Twitter feeds or Maps through to Typography, Translation and Geolocation.

Each tutorial has a self-contained live demo and all the code is available and free to use. Tutorials walk you through all the steps and explains what is going on in the code.

There are three levels of tutorial:

Basic - embedding widgets into your pages - no need to know JavaScript
Intermediate - involve some JavaScript
Advanced - complex JavaScript and Server side programming - may involve new technologies that are not in all browsers.

The goal is to add new tutorials every couple of weeks at least and over time build the site into a destination for learning and applying web technologies.

Please check it out at http://apprentice.craic.com and let me know what you think.


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