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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nokogiri and Snow Leopard

I'm not alone in having problems installing the nokogiri ruby gem on a Mac that has been upgraded to Snow Leopard. The problem lies in the gem not being able to find a suitable version of libxml2, despite Snow Leopard having a recent version of that library installed. (Not sure if this is by default or only if you have the developer tools installed...).

People have tried various things but the place to look first is /opt/local/lib/xml2.*

If you have the libxml2 installed there then remove (or move) those files, along with /opt/local/libz.*

Try installing the gem again (sudo gem install nokogiri).

If it succeeds, you're good - if not then try removing the libxml2 include files in /opt/local/include - try again - and if still no luck then try trawling through other directories under /opt/local.

You should not have to specify the explicit libxml2 file locations with options to the gem install.


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