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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raphaël Live

Raphaël is an amazing JavaScript Library for creating Vector Graphics in browsers. It was created by Dmitry Baranovskiy. It is goes further than HTML Canvas in that any object is accessible in the DOM and so can be made in to buttons, dragged around the canvas, etc. You need to know about it!

To help my exploration of the library I built a simple in-browser environment with a drawing canvas and the CodeMirror code editor so that I could try out Raphaël calls and see the results immediately. That worked out really well for me and so today I've released a more developed version of the tool, along with a range of code examples.

Raphaël Live allows you to load in code examples into the editor, run them, see the results, modify the attributes, etc., re-run them and thereby learn how to use the library.

The tool is freely distributed. You can use it on the craic.com site, or download you own version from GitHub.

Hope that you'll check it out...

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