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Saturday, November 28, 2015

How I fixed a loose MagSafe connector in a MacBook Air

The MagSafe power connector kept falling out of my wife's MacBook Air. I figured it might be due to just wear and tear on the edge of the plug but when I looked at it I could not see any problem.

Last week I took another look at the plug and socket while I was wearning my magnifying reading glasses - and there was the problem !

The MagSafe socket is magnetic and so any metal dust that gets rubbed off from the plug will stick to the magentic surface. As a result you can see dark dust adhering to that. But in addition, there was a small metal shaving that was stuck there as well - large enough to interfere with the plug being properly seated. It was small but 'chunky' enough to cause the problem. No idea where it came from - not from the plug. I removed that with a pairs of tweezers and cleaned up the adhered dush with the end of a slightly damp Q-tip.

Problem solved !

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