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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craic Therapeutic Antibodies Database

Craic Computing LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the Tabs Therapeutic Antibody Database

Tabs is a unique database focused solely on Therapeutic Abs under development by the Biotechnology industry.

As of 1st June 2011, Tabs contains data on more than 950+ antibodies, targeting 400+ antigens, being developed by 300+ companies.

Antibody records are linked to a wide range of associated data including:
  • Patents
  • Papers
  • Clinical Trials
  • Antigens
  • Companies
  • Conditions/Indications
  • Regulatory Actions
  • Protein Sequences
  • Protein Structures
  • Press Releases
  • Development Timelines
  • Conference Abstracts
The database is intended for Biotechnology industry staff - especially those in R&D and in Business Development.

Research staff have direct access to relevant patents and papers for each antibody.

BizDev staff can see the big picture of developments against a target antigen across companies.

Users can define custom Antibody Sets and download data in to Excel, bioinformatics software and popular Reference management tools. Whenever new data related to Antibody Sets are added to the database, users can be alerted by email.

Tabs is offered as a web based subscription service to biotech companies. The annual subscription offers unlimited access to unlimited users for a given site.

Tabs can be evaluated with a 30 day Free Trial. Sign up for an account here.

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