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Friday, March 8, 2013

HTML5 and web API code examples

Whenever I am learning a new feature of HTML5, JavaScript/Jquery or a new API, such as Google Maps, I always look for example code that I can learn from.

In many cases the examples are great, but in others they can be too clever and too heavily styled, such that it can be hard to understand the core of the feature that they are demonstrating.

So in writing my own example code I try and strip things down to the bare minimum - very little styling and code that tries to do one, and only one, thing.

I've been collecting examples that I think have some substance and that can help others learn about a feature with the minimum of confusion.

Take a look at http://html5-examples.craic.com

This site has working examples of a number of HTML5-related features, including Data Attributes, Geolocation, Web Audio and Speech Recognition.

Look at the Source for each of these pages to see annotated JavaScript, etc. which illustrates the target feature of each page.

All the code is distributed freely under the terms of the MIT license and you are encouraged to build your own applications using it.

Note that some of the examples involve new web technologies, so they may not work in some browsers and what does work now may not work in the future as the APIs mature.

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