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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lightbox2 in a Rails App

Lightbox2, by Lokesh Dhakar, is an excellent JavaScript script for displaying images and slide shows as overlays on a web page, triggered by clicking on a thumbnail.

I wanted something like this to display screenshots in the online help for a Rails application. Overall it was pretty simple to set up, but here are some of the tweaks I needed to make.

1: Lightbox2 uses prototype.js and Scriptaculous. I had those in my Rails app but I found I had to upgrade those scripts to the latest versions in order to get Lightbox2 to work.

2: I had included the prototype and scriptaculous libraries using the Rails helper 'javascript_include_tag :defaults', but that alone is not sufficient. Lightbox2 needs the builder and effects scripts loaded. Lightbox2 says to use this line:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/javascripts/scriptaculous.js?load=effects,builder"></script>
And I put that right after the javascript_include_tag. This is undoubtedly duplication... I should probably just include the supporting scripts directly and leave out the Rails helper.

3: As the Lightbox2 docs point out, make sure you have the four default gif image files in the right places and that they are defined correctly in lightbox.js and lightbox.css.

4: Add the calls to lightbox.js and lightbox.css in your Rails layout file. Note that you have to change the paths from the example to suit Rails:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/javascripts/lightbox.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/lightbox.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />

5: Now you're ready to add images and links that use Lightbox2. The idea is very simple. Take a thumbnail image img tag and place within a 'a' tag pair. Make the href of the 'a' tag point to the full size image. Importantly, in the 'a' tag add the attribute 'rel="lightbox"'. For example:
<a href="/images/fullsize.jpg" rel="lightbox" title="Picture of a cat"><img src="/images/thumbnail.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #808080;"></a>
The title attribute of the 'a' tag becomes the caption of the overlay image. In this example I have included a border on the thumbnail image. That should do it for basic operation.

6: To fine tune the script you can edit lightbox.js and lightbox.css. For me the animation is too slow. You can disable the animation entirely but I preferred to just speed it up with a maximum setting of 10. I also messed with the CSS for the 'imageData' set of CSS IDs to change the font and specified a different image for the 'close' icon in the .js file.

Lightbox2 is pretty slick. You can do slide shows with it as well. Hope this helps you get it integrated with Rails.



vibha said...


i am using lightbox2 javascripts in my rails app. This works absolutely fantastic for images at index page of the application. But when i use same way to make my images working with lightbox on a different page, it does not works.

Any thoughts?

vibha said...

lightbox not working on the show page of my application.

please comment.

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