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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RedCloth 4.2.2 and textilize in Rails 2.2

I found incorrect instructions on how to set up the RedCloth Textile rendering code in several places when I was trying to set it up.

Here is what needed to get it working (I am using Rails 2.2 on Mac OS X)

1: Install the gem
Just get it from a default gem repository and make sure you use 'RedCloth' and not 'redcloth'.
$ sudo gem install RedCloth
2: In your Rails app environment.rb file add two lines.
First specify this dependency with any others in the Rails::Initializer.run block. Don't worry about specifying a version.
  config.gem "RedCloth"
Second, add this require line at the end of the file:
require 'RedCloth'
3: Get rid of any earlier versions of RedCloth.
You may not need this but I ran into issues with Rails picking up v4.0.1 even though the newer 4.2.2 was present.
$ sudo gem uninstall RedCloth --version <your older version>
4: Restart your web server.
I run Apache2 and Passenger and simply doing 'touch tmp/restart.txt' did not solve my earlier version problem. Probably overkill but restart the server anyway.

5: That's it...


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